Why the role of Ad Operations (AdOps) has become essential in AdTech

The intro of programmatic advertising has brought automation on a lot of operations in media trading.
However, the manual intervention to improve earnings has increased and the role of Ad Operations (AdOps) has become essential in AdTech.
AdOps refer to processes and systems that support the sale and delivery of online adv. AdOps is typically a department within a publisher, AdTech provider or ad agency that support digital strategies by using marketing and ad tech to manage, deliver and optimize ad campaigns.
Both advertisers and pubs rely on AdOps professionals to fulfill the ad campaign, handling important tasks like:
– Implement ad buys and measure their success
– Troubleshoot issues and set up direct deals
– Handle demand partners, update industry guidelines/privacy laws, implement consent mechanisms
– and the list goes on
AdOps teams are accountable for bring in and retain ad revenue while delivering an excellent customer experience for the online users. Therefore AdOps is directly responsible for revenue generation.
The AdOps role requires a unique blend of technical and interpersonal skills, always keen to learn and develop their skills to be able to solve problems.
Hence, having an Ad Ops team is not an option, but an integral part of the programmatic ad industry.
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