Why Log-Level data is an essential steps towards transparency

Over the past few years, fixing the media landscape and shed light on what has been a traditionally murky programmatic supply chain is leading the marketer agenda.
That’s why the demand of log-level data (LLD) has started to increase.
LLD is essentially a detailed info about the ad auctions and consist of all data that is collected about an ad impression (such as URLs, viewability, auction mechanics, transaction records, etc.).
Thanks to LLD, pubs can understand what fees vendors are charging from the ad buyer’s initial bid and also helps marketers track every $ they spend.
LLD is usually provided by SSP vendors because they only can see the actual competitiveness of the auction (while a DSP can only know if a buyer won or lost the auction) and delivered in a raw format and not aggregated – if it’s the first time, it may be wise to request just a sample.
Now, SSPs started to build products to streamline the auction process and make LLD more easily available (but access to the data, it should not come with a fee).
However, even if LLD is now easier to access, it’s not always easy to implement as there’s also no standard way of defining it.
As the industry pushes towards full transparency, hopefully is clear that LLD is an essential piece of the puzzle.
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