When did programmatic advertising start? The Ad Exchange

The advent of ad exchanges in 2009 was the result of Google’s evolution and Yahoo developments, which started to run their display advertising networks, allowing buyers to reach high-volume, low-price inventory in real time.
Appnexus (today Xandr) has created one of the first open ad exchanges that implemented real time advertising protocols based on actions.
The founders all came from the tradition of ad networks and had the idea of creating an auction environment to sell “unsold inventory” in real time, tapping more demand sources into one place.
Auction models became more and more sophisticated and efficient, thanks to the evolution of real time technologies based on data relevant for advertising.
These systems work thanks to complex algorithms and process tons of data in real time to connect demand and supply while the user loads the webpage.
Real Time Advertising or RTA was born – but don’t get confused with RTB (real time bidding): RTB is a protocol used in programmatic advertising, which essentially refers to real-time auctions, while RTA is a term to express doing advertising in real time.
Bear in mind: RTB is one method of buying and selling ad spaces, programmatic is a broader concept which includes RTB and other automated methods of reservation.
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