What we have learned from reading the ISBA programmatic supply-chain transparency study

Media deals and their programmatic tech components can vary but the complicated nature of the ad supply chain makes it difficult for advertisers to determine how much money is being paid to vendors.
After reading the ISBA programmatic supply-chain transparency study, I was surprised that “some participants were seemingly unaware of Exchange Bidding [today’s renamed as Open Bidding] fees being applied (5% fee against publisher revenue, 1% of advertiser spend)”.
FYI: Open Bidding refers to Google’s S2S header bidding product.
That being said, it is very clear why the industry must demand transparency from AdTech (and Google).
Google’s AdTech business consists of software used to buy and sell ads on web-sites. The company owns the dominant tool at every link, but the fee structure of its ad products has long been a source of speculation.
In June 2020, Google disclosed the take rates for both its buying portals and publisher tech.
This move follows a broader push for transparency across the programmatic ecosystem, but with an antitrust case against Google might be underway, transparency surely is a good look for Google right now.
However, better to not forget other elements that still need a more transparent approach, like AdFraud, opaque measurement and brand safety.
Other sources: see in the LinkedIn comments.
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