What is the hottest thing in advertising today? Connected TV Programmatic Advertising

The digital ecosystem is constantly evolving, with new innovation and tech advancements. With it, programmatic will continue to mature as well, creating new opportunities and needs for brands and agencies.
In particular, programmatic continues to expand its reach by device.
According to IAB, today, 83% of programmatic transactions are on mobile. In addition, with video content being consumed across web, mobile, and other connected devices, programmatic TV is going to gain even more prominence with its data-driven approach for buying and delivering ads.
With Connected TV (CTV), OTT and TV viewership shifting (CTV’s share of YouTube viewership is also growing, according to Digiday), advertisers are finding that they need to change how they approach their advertising strategies.
Roku also addressed the “advertising spend reallocation” from linear TV to CTV, which is a clear sign that CTV ad market will soon benefits from a shift of traditional TV ad budgets.
Changes in the AdTech landscape combined with the perks of CTV ads make it clear that this form of programmatic adv will continue to grow rapidly.
Contributing to the CTV share increase is the fact that people spend more time, on average, viewing videos when watching on CTV vs. other types of devices.
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