What is the future of online tracking?

So far, online privacy is the main reason why the advertising industry is changing.

The future of tracking users has been a prime discussion as advertising became “too personal”.

Online ad giants such as Google and Facebook (FB), whose empires has been built on their ability to provide targeted ads, are in the process to reshape the ad delivery, making privacy enhancements which affect the digital ad world (while the industry is struggling to adapt).

After Google announced that will phase out 3rd-party cookies within 2 years, FB just release a new privacy measure: On Tuesday, FB made “Off-Facebook Activity” available to all its users.

The option is available in people’s settings menu, and it leads to a list of brands that have data on the user.

Here, people can see if brands have shared data with FB. The user can also delete the data, so that the advertisers will have a hard time to keep track of their marketing campaigns, retargeting the consumers that visit their websites, log into their apps and make purchases in their stores.

Now that FB lets users clear internet tracks, marketers lose another signal to target ads.

Companies will soon no longer be able to rely on their own cookie pools and advertisers have to make do with less accurate info.

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