What is the biggest challenge for media companies? Programmatic talents

A common challenge in any fast growing market is attracting and retaining talented, qualified employees. This is no different in programmatic adv.

Whether a publisher is developing its own programmatic sell-side team or an advertiser hiring a buying team skilled in targeting audiences, the need to find employees that understand sophisticated platforms and provide significant outcomes it’s growing, becoming a real challenge.

According to “2020 Programmatic Talent Study” released by Prohaska Consulting, the biggest challenge among agencies, brands, pubs and AdTech/data providers has been sourcing qualified programmatic talent (which is still a challenge).

The study also highlights that the 2nd the biggest challenge for agencies, brands and pubs, was putting together a competitive compensation package, while for tech/data providers, it was training and development.

Other challenges which were ranked lower but are still important include:

– Integrating programmatic with the rest of the organization.

– Retaining talent.

Programmatic has already transformed online display, mobile and video adv and now, the Connected TV revolution is bringing automation and digital skills to a new audience, meaning the future of the entire digital media is (and will always be) the talent.

Other sources: see in the LinkedIn comments.

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