What is the best way to succeed in programmatic today?

If you want to succeed in #programmatic today, you must know how to define goals and set KPIs, as well as being able to adjust campaigns in real time, monitor performance and optimize the campaign based on the data.

You might acquire a customer by finding them on digital channels via your DSP, but you have failed if the cost exceeds the value of that customer.

There are few set of KPIs that you should establish:

1. Decide which audience you are interested in. You can buy who you want, where you want, when you want nowadays so you must accurately select the audience. You will probably pay for impressions on brand-name sites, plus data fees if you want better audience targeting, but if you mix a number of tactics such as contextual targeting, mobile and hyperlocal, you can drive a lower CPC or CPA.

2. Run a contextual campaign to determine which channels perform best if your KPIs are CPC, CPM, conversions, and CTR. This method reveals which would be the best and most effective campaigns.

3. Always look at the best audience and inventory quality. Brand safety is a key issue at the moment. The buyer will probably pay a higher CPM than the open RTB but this ensures better quality.

Last but not least, the key to success is creativity and using unique messages.

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