What is Single Customer View (SCV) and why you need it

Over the past years, we learned that data is the foundation for successful and profitable marketing programs. Data comes in a wide variety and it is perceived as a source of power and wealth.
Unfortunately, most companies are struggling with legacy systems and data silos, often failing to properly audit and categorize data, which can be harmful to their health.
Thanks to advances in tech, data, and analytics, personalization in marketing is getting more personal.
Today customers expect to receive more personalized experiences based on their preferences when interact with brands.
Effective personalization requires a complete and unified view of each customer, which is possible to achieve with the single customer view (SCV).
The SVC consolidates every piece of customers’ data in one centralized location, creating unified profiles.
Thanks to the SCV, companies are able to understand and interact with each customer in the most effective way across moments, channels, and buying stages; also they can create an accurate customer segmentation, personalization strategies and relevant, engaging marketing campaigns.
Even if the promise of personalization may not be here yet (at least not at scale), it’s not far off, and soon will be the core driver of how companies do marketing.
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