What is Google Privacy Sandbox?

3rd-party cookies availability on the web has been on the decline for several years because of ad blockers, the GDPR, and publicly disclosed privacy settings in major web browsers.

Google Chrome is now pushing to make the web private by default (even if the search giant’s online ad business benefits from harvesting personal data), pitching its Privacy Sandbox as the new standard for the web.

So, what is the Privacy Sandbox?

“Privacy sandbox” is an umbrella term for the goals and tech specs proposals which together endeavor to sustain the open web with the economic benefits of audience advertising, without the need for:

– Device identification

– 3rd-party cookies

– Fingerprinting

and with much more decisioning and other execution handled by the browser.

Several parts of Privacy Sandbox will replace key processes of display ad, most of which are still under discussion or otherwise likely to change. Check out the IAB Tech Lab link in the comment for more info.

As a workaround to restrictions, some AdTech companies already started using 1st-party cookies and local storage in browsers. Chrome hasn’t mentioned anything about 1st-party cookies restrictions, also because will be impossible to see a future where it will restrict their ability to identify users.

Other sources: see in the LinkedIn comments.

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