What is Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) in 2020?

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) has been around for a while as it has been used across different sectors for years. However, its application in marketing, and specifically its development within display advertising, surprisingly, it’s still little known by some.
DCO is a tech that provides a way to optimize (personalize) content for users. In the context of display ads, DCO allows marketers to reach the user with a specially personalized advertisement at scale, in accordance with preference and behavior.
DCO uses data from website visitors and matches it with an advertiser catalog in order to generate “personalized” ads that are then served in real time.
Typically DCO involves creative developments, and to configure the automatic decisioning in DCO ad units, the advertiser must configure two places:
– Data source (frequently a DSP or DMP)
– Logic in the ad unit itself.
With DCO, advertisers can optimize the performance of their creative in real-time. At its core, it uses multivariate testing to optimize the marketing message and tailor it to the user.
Question: since browsers are, for privacy reasons, blocking all 3rd-party cookies, what does this mean for brands seeking to personalize experiences for consumers?
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