What is a header bidding wrapper?

Surely, #programmatic ad buying is more efficient than traditional one, but still has its drawbacks. Among them, are missing revenue for publishers and low-quality ad inventory for buyers.

Header bidding (HB) came to help offering to pubs greater yield, allowing everybody bids at the same time. That can quickly earn pubs more revenue while providing all advertisers better transparency on the pub’s inventory and an equal shot at higher quality placements, regardless of whether they use Google DV360 or not.

However, HB required media owners to deploy a “wrapper” on their website first: a wrapper (or container, framework) is a javascript tag inserted into the pub’s webpage that makes asynchronous calls to demand partners.

It allows to:

– Manage all the partners that the pubs want to add.

– Set the rules for the programmatic auction, where pubs can add and remove demand sources from their auctions based on their performance.

– Enforce timeout settings (how long the browser waits to respond before the auction closes out).

In short, wrappers streamline the implementation of HB.

Basis their function, HB wrappers can be client-side or a hybrid. And depending on who built it, they can be open-source, paid, self-serve, and managed.

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