What is a data clean room?

Developing a marketing analytics program has the potential to be one of the biggest sources of revenue for ad agencies.
Since Google has gotten much more complicated (the AdTech stack and Analytics are now integrated in the Google’s Ads Data Hub – ADH) ad agencies are focusing their skills and efforts on Google mar tech and cloud services, with business units that develop solutions for Google’s ADH and clean room tech.
But what is a data clean room?
A data clean room is where typically large companies with access to lots of data keep and update that info. It has emerged as a response to unreliable data and mix aggregated user data with 1st-party insights from advertisers to help measure campaigns and avoid budget dispersion.
Amazon, Google, and Facebook are the main players but since won’t be sharing data with each other in their respective clean rooms, possibly this will create issues such as audience data overlap.
Unilever have laso begun building its own data clean room.
Today, clients have the option to work with independent ad tech providers for their cross-channel attribution, but they would be missing a huge chunk of user activity without a view into Google.
As a result, agencies are working closer with Google – and becoming more reliant – than ever before.
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