What does the “Guide to the Post-3rd-Party Cookie Era” by IAB mean for marketers?

Google announced in January that it planned to join other browsers by blocking 3rd-party cookies (3PC) in its Chrome web browser.
It will also suppress fingerprinting techniques, meaning that all cross domain tracking will not work.
Although Chrome isn’t the first browser to phase out the 3PC, it’s the biggest.
These industry changes will impact the entire online industry. In order to help online ad players prepare for the post-3PC ad ecosystem, IAB Europe released its “Guide to the Post-3rd-Party Cookie Era”.
The guide, developed by experts, sets out the background into the current use of digital advertising cookies, the contributing factors to their depletion and an overview of the alternative solutions that are currently available.
Here’s few highlights:
– Multi-touch attribution as we know it, will probably fail – Frequency capping will no longer be available in its current form.
– The application of 3rd-party data for audience targeting will become obsolete as retargeting.
– DMPs cannot create identity linkages in the same way they do today.
The guide also makes it clear there is no one-size-fits-all answer and that each business will need to evaluate what best suits its needs.
Now it’s time to evolve, there’s a post-cookie window of opportunity!
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