What are the main advantages about real people-based marketing?

Tracking a consumer’s identity across different places can be tough.

Real people-based marketing combines philosophy and practice to accurately reach real consumers, allowing marketers to deliver targeted ads across digital devices. While it’s clear that cross-device and cross-channel tracking is crucial to understanding consumer behaviour, the challenge is understand that data.

One of the first people-based marketing initiatives started with the launch of Facebook Custom Audiences, which allowed advertisers to match their CRM data to Facebook user IDs for enhanced targeting.

Unlike cookies, people-based campaigns give marketers the ability to advertise to real people linked across multiple devices using registered user data.

Many digital marketers are already moving away from cookie-based campaigns as they can’t differentiate situations and also produce false positives if users mistyped, clicked on something out of curiosity, or let someone else use the device. Marketers can also track the role of digital in offline sales – something which is simply impossible to do with cookies.

Each device can enjoy a unique experience that is different from other devices and yet still a continuation of the same customer journey.

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