Today, what is the most valuable data in online media?

After Google announced that Chrome won’t support 3rd-party cookies in two years, it is clear that the most valuable data is the 1st-party data brands and publishers get directly from their customers/visitors.

In this scenario, where 3rd-party data firms will struggle massively without the ability to collect cookies from Chrome (and that’s probably a good thing), the type of attribution marketers can do will depend on the identifiers Chrome supports in its Privacy Sandbox.

For e.g. if Chrome offers a browser ID, and the ad server can still recognize a visitor from an ad exposure, view-through and multitouch attribution will remain possible.

But while retargeting might not be a huge loss, brands will also need to rethink their cross-channel strategies as without cookies, it’ll be difficult to transfer data across platforms.

Here, marketers will consequently push more spend into walled gardens and premium pubs, as can offer one-to-one measurement.

Anyway, buyers will need to rebuild their targeting and measurement strategies and utilize 1st-party data as much as possible.

A 1st-party data strategy will allow brand to maximize ad revenues and help to understand better the audiences.

Just do not wait for the magical DMP to show up and resolve all the problems.

Other sources: see in the LinkedIn comments.

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