The Ultimate Guide to Digital Advertising

Display Advertising is the internet advertising type which displays messages on-screen containing creative visuals that may be images, video and text.
The main objective of display advertising is to deliver an advertising message to an online user. Display ad includes web-banners, that are digital advertisements displayed in the header, footer, or sidebars of websites.
A banner is composed of creativity and size. Creativity is critically important for attracting the user’s attention and consequent engagement and it shapes the advertisement.
Creativity needs to find the right insight and message in order to encourage the client to buy a product or service and today, it is often optimized and automated in accordance with audience data.
The Size of the banner refers to its width and height in pixels. Creativity, size and other info are coded into a string of code called an ad tag.
The ad tag is an important element when considering ad delivery. The tag is assigned to a destination link which will lead the user to the landing page, called Link URL.
Links can also re-direct to other tracking systems. Some technology wraps the banner up into an ad tag and allows online delivery, commonly known as ad server.
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