The New York Times is building its own proprietary 1st-party data platform

The New York Times is building its own proprietary 1st-party data (1PD) platform and will no longer use 3rd-party data (3PD) to target ads come 2021, Axios reported.
Many online pubs still use 3PD to target consumers with ads, but is being phased out of the ad ecosystem because it’s not considered privacy-friendly, making that practice less viable.
This situation pushed media companies to unite audience data from different digital properties and sell ads against the unified audience through proprietary ad-targeting platforms.
From July, the NYT will begin to offer clients 45 new proprietary 1st-party audience segments, broken up into 6 categories to target ads, adding at least 30 more by Q3 2020.
Of course, not all pubs have the scale, or user trust, to build out their own 1PD sets and “This can only work because we have 6 M subscribers and millions more registered users that we can identify and because we have a breadth of content”, Allison Murphy said.
Vox Media and The Washington Post have also begun building out 1PD solutions but since none of these companies is addressing how their in-house tech actually works or how they will provide a picture of the consumer that marketers want, and given the price tag attached to this data, let’s see how is going to work out.
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