The new programmatic challenges: user identity

The programmatic evolution have changed the way publishers and advertisers operate, but has also brought to light many challenges and questions. Much of this now relates to online identification.
Identity provides the backbone for creating a single customer view across channels, devices and touch points – and has become even more important with the pending demise of 3rd-party cookies, as this will limit capabilities to identify audiences and serve targeted ads.
New alternatives must be developed for advertisers that provide cross-channel, privacy-friendly consumer data that they can use in a cookies-less world.
Beside temporary solutions, offline identity – that allows to link online activity to known offline identifiers such as phone number or email – could be an effective one.
However for many, the right solution is a more transparent relationship between pubs and advertisers.
Today, brands need to accelerate and prioritize their identity strategy and embrace the challenge of a diminishing degree of user-level data, while pubs should invest in their 1st-party data strategy and define their own destiny.
Publishers in particular must collaborate with partners that will help to further enrich their data insights and provide the analytic power to help improve monetization.
Other sources: see in the LinkedIn comments.
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