The latest 2020 Advertiser Perceptions DSP report

According to the latest Advertiser Perceptions DSP report, Google DSP has reasserted its no. 1 status for self-serve, managed service and as advertisers’ preferred platform and it is poised to continue making gains over the next year.
In the past few years, we have seen ad buyers reducing the number of DSPs they use to buy inventory programmatically. In this situation, Google DV360, Amazon and The Trade Desk emerged as the most-used by advertisers.
In 2017, Amazon’s DSP and The Trade Desk, surpassed Google’s DV360 as the most-used DSP for the first time.
Today, in the latest report, data show that 45% of respondents said they’re spending on Google’s DV 360, which means Google DSP re-surpassed The Trade Desk (43%) and Amazon Advertising (41%) – which are still close behind – to regain the no.1 spot.
After the top three, there’s a drop-off to Verizon Media, the Adobe Advertising Cloud and MediaMath, the only other DSPs in the 20%-30% range.
The DSP consideration and adoption metrics are always evolving based on the advertiser’s needs and now that buyers wiser up to how programmatic buying works, the choice is mainly driven by the actual value the DSP brings to marketing activities, which is often the ratio of cost to the actual results delivered.
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