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Short Courses


The Adhoc Academy short courses are the answer if you need something more.

Online short course certificates are the best way to fill the gaps in your professional knowledge without the substantial investment required for full-time study programmes.

The more you learn the key skills your company requires , the more you become a necessary component of company success. Short courses help professionals and individuals to continually improve their skills and show employers their dedication to personal improvement.

Find out which one would be the best fit for you!


If you are already an Adhoc Academy certificated expert and do not need to refresh your skills with Programmatic Expert Certification course or the Vertical Expert courses, then Adhoc Academy’s online short courses are the best option.

At Adhoc Academy, we suggest to enroll regularly with short courses in order to keep yourself updated and learn the additional key skills your company requires.

Short courses are also great if you are planning to get a new job role or expand on your area of knowledge. With these online certification short courses you have the freedom that allows you to strategically build the skills you can apply to your current job, or qualify you for the job you aspire to have.


The short courses focus on digital advertising and programmatic, and more specifically on advertising technology.

The advertising industry is rapidly evolving and it is difficult for professionals to keep up with it. In addition, advancements in technology have played an important role in how individuals are exposed to new information.

Online short courses are one way to keep up with a fast growing such as online advertising and media industry, and are a great opportunity to learn more about an area that interests you.

A short course helps you to gain new or enhance your existing knowledge of the digital advertising industry.

They are the natural step after you became a Programmatic Expert certified by Adhoc Academy, or after you refreshed your skills with the Vertical Expert Courses.  

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