Digital advertising: Ad Fraud, Ad Block and Viewability

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Are you a media professional or student who already has a baseline understanding of the programmatic ecosystem and are looking to expand to more advanced subjects? Then give your marketing career a boost with the short course – Digital advertising: Ad Fraud, Ad Block and Viewability!

Taking on digital advertising threads such as Ad Fraud and Ad Block and understand important metrics like Viewability, is more than dealing with technical issues; it’s about truth, transparency and accountability.

Today marketers expect that the right, real person sees an ad that appears within the appropriate content – no wasted impressions, no wasted ad budgets, which makes Viewability such an important metric.

Due to the proliferation of tons of methods of doing advertising and catching user attention to create engagement, internet users are responding en masse to these deceitful advertising practices with Ad Blockers. At the same time, Ad fraud has remained a serious problem because it can make it very difficult for publishers to generate revenue, while brands are cutting back on ad spending as they see little return on investment.

Education is always the key. This short-course will briefly explain what are and how Ad fraud, Ad Block and Viewability evolved and why they are so important today, giving you a more in depth explanation how to take on them.
If you really want to stand out from your peers in this industry, earning this certification online will help considerably.

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