Road to programmatic advertising: how do you start?

Programmatic advertising has had a constant presence across the paid media space for over a decade. Programmatic buying isn’t as complex as it once was, allowing small and mid-sized brands to start enjoying its benefits.
The first step for brands to start adopting programmatic is a moment of introspection: their primary focus has to be on data; brands need to look at their existing data and audience info and be smart with it, organizing as best as possible for use in business decisions.
Core KPIs should be at the heart of every entrance into programmatic. The more an advertiser can reproduce its needs into a few measurable elements, the better its chance at seeing a strong ROI early on.
Programmatic buying and execution require integrated technology platforms to properly operate.
The initial hurdles of understanding options, bidding, and optimization in real-time are now being handled by those platforms, allowing marketers to move past segmentation to learn more about and target individual users.
Programmatic has value for brands of any size, but it can be limited by a culture that doesn’t understand the data it has or how to leverage it.
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