Publisher’s 1st-party data: how to create an alternative to walled gardens

Publisher’s 1st-party (1P) data strategies are only going to get more crucial once 3rd-party (3P) cookies disappear.
South China Morning Post is the latest news publisher to build its own 1P data platform, called “Lighthouse”.
The (free) platform has been developed with privacy at its core, and on publisher 1P cookies – while 3P data simply have been turned off (ditching its previous DMP and on-boarding on CDP).
Thanks to its large user base, the Post started to building new audience segments, providing advertisers with the tools necessary to target audiences with greater precision.
The goal is to offer marketers consumer insights to drive efficiencies and improve the ROI of ad campaigns, but also, using the platform, The Post wants to turn users into regular readers, driving loyalty.
To note: the ability to offer these insights underline the importance of building deeper, ongoing relationships with pubs to understand incremental audiences.
The Post is part of a growing wave of pubs embracing 1P data, reducing reliance on 3P data ahead of browsers and regulators cracking down.
For digital publishers, understand more about its audience and leveraging 1P data is the key to developing sustainable business models – and create a valuable alternative to walled gardens.
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