Precision Ad Targeting: the audience profiling

Audience profiling is the process of defining who the audience is based on attributes, by monitoring users’ behaviour across multiple platforms and it is used for ad targeting purposes.
A media seller’s objective is to create added value on “audience profiling” by using actionable data management models on the DMP.
By gathering data and insights into the DMPs, pubs can create targetable audiences (groups of audience with similar behaviors) and sell them to advertisers – usually willing to bid more for properly segment audience.
On their side, advertisers define the so-called “buyer persona” – or customer persona – a detailed description of someone who represents the target audience. This is not a real customer, but a fictional person who embodies the characteristics of potential customers.
Programmatic offers incredibly detailed targeting options, allowing marketers to target or personalize their marketing for different segments of audience.
Usually, most DMPs sync directly with the advertisers’ DSP, so that data can be exchanged.
This advanced level of targeting increases conversion rates and improves ad campaigns. It is clear that if advertisers don’t understand their audience, it’s unlikely that will ever develop marketing activities that offer real results.
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