Online and data privacy today: opinion by the founder

You probably agree that internet privacy is a strange issue: even if consumers are becoming more privacy-conscious (mostly due to scary headlines regarding online security breaches) and clearly dissatisfied with the state of internet privacy, they still continue to share tons of content on social media, personal info, they download apps without reading terms and conditions, etc., without really thinking about how their info is being shared with and used by 3rd-party vendors (which can use it for ad-tracking or analytics services, learning their browsing habits).
Those insights can be valuable to advertisers but have generated consumer privacy concerns for years.
And these are concerns that are inspiring action:
– Privacy regulations are already in full swing both in US (CCPA) and in Europe (GDPR).
– Privacy initiatives came into play: i.e Apple and Mozilla web browsers started to banning 3rd-party cookies tracking of user data by default, bolstering users’ privacy.
Google (with 69% market share on desktop and 40% on mobile, StatCounter said) just took a similar step that could change AdTech, data buying and tracking.
FYI: browsers are the 1st step to accessing the internet and they are also the 1st step to both increasing online privacy and controlling personal info.
Other sources: see in the LinkedIn comments.
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