MRC updates 5-Year-Old Invalid Traffic Standards

Industry media ratings watchdog the Media Rating Council (MRC) officially released new standards intended to “modernize” how the advertising and media industry manage a key component of digital AdFraud: so-called “invalid traffic“, or IVT.
According to MediaPost, the update is an addendum to the MRC’s “Invalid Traffic Detection and Filtration Guidelines,” which were originally issued nearly 5 years ago (yes, 5 years ago!), to account for new forms of fraudulent traffic threats that did not exist when the original guidelines were created.
The addendum essentially sets an industry standard for determining if and when digital traffic used as the basis for ad impressions is non-human and illegitimate.
FYI: MRC is an independent organization that accredits audience measurement services that are used by buyers and sellers in the advertising industry.
Probably, you have heard about MRC in the news a lot, in particular when an AdTech vendor gets accredited by completing the multiple rounds of audits.
In digital media, it is fundamental to eradicate unethical business practices: in my opinion, the biggest news here is that the MRC decided to establish a regular process for updating its IVT standards, because 5 years in the ad industry sound more like centuries to me.
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