Is the programmatic black box really opened?

Looks like the programmatic black box has opened.
Ad buyers started to ask for more customized log-level data (LLD) from exchanges and ad platforms are actually beginning to make their LLD available to them (free or by request $), aiming to provide more transparency.
LLD it’s all data that’s relevant to a single impression.
It is completely raw and can be used to create advanced reports. It contains geo data, URLs, cookie IDs, brand safety data, viewability levels and auction mechanic info that allow buyers to inform bidding practices and prune supply paths.
The most complete LLD comes from the exchanges.
For buyers, it’s critical to have full LLD. It enables them to fine-tune their media planning, or just keeping an eye on any opaque or murky auction dynamics, said Matt McIyntre (Essence).
For pubs, it’s critical too, as LLD enables them to look at what’s going on across their supply chain. Transaction data, for eg, helps them to see what fee each vendor takes from the amount the buyers bids on the inventory.
There are many powerful use cases for LLD that can create value for everybody – not just buyers. Check out the sources for more details.
BTW: Gaining better visibility of what’s happening in the AdTech goes hand in hand with knowing the right questions to ask.
Other sources: see in the LinkedIn comments.
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