Instructor Policy

Instructor is the Contractor and AdHoc Academy is the Commissioning Company.

The Parties Declare to agree as follows:


Content, activity and duration of contract

  • Contractor submit the course (or Product) and the content will be published under AdHoc Academy properties.
  • Contractor once submitted the content, gives all the rights related to it to AdHoc Academy. The content becomes property of AdHoc Academy.
  • Contractor before submitting, certifies that all the content doesn’t violate anyone’s copyright. All fines and legal disputes related to copyright infringements will be completely reimbursed by the Contractor
  • There is no relationship of direct employment between AdHoc Academy and Contractor, who decides working time and workflows.
  • Contractor must also check if he is blinded to any employer policy restricting the activity.
  • The duration of the agreement starts once the Assignment Agreement is signed, and ends once ALL the products by the Contractor have been removed from public in all AdHoc Academy properties and especially in the website


Compensation and Payments

  • The Contractor receives a rev share payment of the net income from the selling of the online course according to an agreed percentage.
  • Net income is the result of the following calculation:
    1. Gross Income from courses (VAT included) minus 10% marketing and payment fee.
    2. Cost of production for half hour of registered video course = 150 € cost per 30 min of produced and registered video course is one time only for the video production.
    3. Net income = gross income – 10% – 150 € fixed cost per 30 minutes of produced video course (cost is one time only for the video production)
  • If Contractor produce and edit the content on its own costs, the Net income is the result of the following calculation:
    1. Gross Income from courses (VAT included) minus 10% marketing and payment fee.
  • If AdHoc Academy will be entitled of handling the cost of production, consider it as amortization that will be repaid automatically with the selling of the first courses. The cost of production is a fixed cost that happens only once the course is produced.
  • AdHoc Academy will notify upon time how many courses are sold on a defined period, and calculation on the payment will be based on that number. AdHoc Academy is responsible to send or give access to a complete overview report of courses sold across the time.
  • The rev share payment is by standard processed within 30 days and once a month upon invoice from Contractor. Rev share payment may be following a diverse calendar, specified in the contract.
  • Invoicing by the Contractor is based on the actual rev share percentage generated on the net income of a specific period. The invoice must be higher than 200 € by the Contractor and electronically filed via administration [email protected].
  • AdHoc Academy will not pay the Contractor unless receiving the invoice stating the correct amounts for the specific period. Invoices will be paid only in Euros € and Contractor is responsible of the accuracy of the currency conversion.
  • The Contractor is responsible for paying personal taxes upon the generated income.
  • Instructor Policy is related to the Assignment Agreement, that you must sign before submitting your courses.


For more information please contact at [email protected]



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