In a customer-centric world, what is data onboarding?

For every marketers looking to deliver customer-centric experiences, leveraging data onboarding has become a mandatory step to fully understand.
Data onboarding is a service that connect offline customer records with online users, helping marketers to find the same customers online by matching Personally Identifiable Information (PII) gathered from offline datasets.
Here, marketers (1) upload offline customer data (physical address, etc.) to the online environment to (2) match with digital identifiers and then (3) activate the audience segments from their matched data set, to address relevant messages.
Due to data privacy reasons, when offline data is uploaded, the onboarding platform first, anonymize the data (e.g. hashing, encryption) and then remove any PII – name, date of birth, ..
Typically, match rates are between 30-60%.
After this process, marketers will get a persistent, people-based identifier that allows for true omni-channel addressability – very useful when they want to reach the same person across different channels and devices.
Today, brands are eager to onboard and match data sets, but do not want 1st-party data to leave their own systems. So, they want user-level targeting, without the risk in trafficking actual consumer data, writes AdExchanger.
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