In a cookieless targeting scenario, what about programmatic?

It is clear that the death of cookies will reshape the entire ad ecosystem and the way in which brands engage with customers. Publishers and marketers are clearly concerned about the future direction of #AdTech, as cookies have formed a core part of measurement, attribution and precision media buying for them.

Even in this cookieless targeting scenario, #programmatic isn’t going away because Open RTB has always been steadily consolidating and adapting to the changing privacy requirements.

Closed environments like Google, Facebook and Amazon, are now diversifying to alternative data points.

Walled gardens are now building “clean rooms”, a privacy-1st collaborative analytics platforms where multiple parties upload data sets, but none of the parties can directly access the pooled data, keeping info about individuals secure.
The reporting is an aggregated look at where data sets intersect with others.

Any publisher or retailer with a large owned audience could offer a similar service.

So, targeting without personal data is set to become the new normal and data clean rooms present a unique opportunity to access log level user data in a privacy first environment.

Big changes lie ahead and expect increased usage of IOs and/or programmatic guaranteed offering.

Other sources: see the LinkedIn comments.

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