How to sell Online Advertising effectively with Programmatic

Automated trading is a set of processes in an ongoing evolution, shaping new digital advertising scenarios.

Programmatic selling is the automation of monetization processes via AdTech that helps to optimize the yield. It is is a reality that forces professionals who were used to traditional reservations, to integrate new automated negotiations and workflow models.

To sell online inventory, the seller need to integrate its ad server to an SSP (unless these two are already combined) and create an ad exchange that allows the trading of ads.

SSPs allow the establishment of real time auctions and optimize the inventory in almost real time.

Automation technology was born to manage unsold inventory only, however the seller can now monetize any inventory type, even premium, in order to maximize the yield.

SSPs must offer control over the seller’s inventory. In fact there are auction rules such as floor prices, guaranteed inventory, granular reporting and so on.

For an ad seller, automation means giving value to each impression, by connecting a vast number of demand partners that compete seamlessly to win it at the highest price.

The main objective is to centralize the demand sources into one environment, give the right value to each impression, monetize and maximize yield.



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