How to Monetize a Website: 3 working models for Digital Publishers

Often, when it comes to doing business with advertisers, publishers put the tech at the centre because gives them new ways to reach and engage with audiences across their own properties.
For sure, the tech element is important but so is the way it is managed.
From the start, a publisher can decide to directly manage the ad inventory or let others do it for its web properties.
There are 3 main working-models:
This model involves external partners (like sales houses or ad networks) that fully manage the inventory, requiring the minimal effort from the publisher. Here, the publisher uses basic self-service monetization tools, plugging ad tags into the website.
Here, publishers have a dedicated team managing the operations, which may be internal or external. They use ad servers, SSPs and perhaps DMPs/CDPs on SaaS. They integrate further demand by connecting diverse ad networks but always maintain control over the inventory.
Big pubs use the AdTech hybrid model too.
This model is more appropriate for pubs who have resources to invest, as it allows them to decide whether to buy or build (or white-label) internal monetization techs.
This model can be affordable for pubs that want to build an ad tech business in a specific niche.
Other sources: see in the LinkedIn comments.
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