How to be successful in a cross-device world today? People Based Marketing

Real people-based marketing combines philosophy and practice to accurately reach consumers in a mobile world – no matter where your audience is on no matter what device.
It is clear that many digital marketers are embracing a more people-based approach and moving away from cookie-based campaigns.
People-based marketing allows marketers to show users ads for products they want at the times they are most interested in seeing them. It is also referred to as cross-device marketing, which is delivering targeted ads across digital devices.
While we have understood that cross-device and cross-channel tracking is crucial to understanding consumer behaviour, the challenge is to then understand that data.
Unlike cookies, people-based campaigns give marketers the ability to advertise to real people linked across multiple devices using registered user data.
In order to be successful in a cross-device world today, every marketer must firstly have a consolidated and coordinated media buying strategy.
The actual person receiving the message should be the thread that ties all screens together.
Splitting campaign budget and strategy by device creates fragmentation that diminishes campaign effectiveness.
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