How does Advance Attribution work?

Any programmatic expert must know how Advance Attribution works. It can be described as improved media attribution, that is, the technique of budget allocation via statistical formulas.
Embracing a more advanced form of attribution that determines the proportional credit each individual touchpoint deserves, has a number of benefits for marketers.
1. It can drive brand awareness and consumer engagement by helping marketers to understand the influence of each marketing activity on the consumer’s decision to purchase.
2. It can provide an overview of the whole marketing ecosystem, allowing marketers to understand the interaction and impact of touch points between distinct channels – for e.g, the effect online adv has on offline sales.
3. It can be used to inform real-time decision-making and media buying by assessing the value of each impression.
In advance attribution, mathematical formulas are able to match different metrics based on different channels and determine how each medium helps to convert the user or generate brand awareness.
This set of all the media channels (and please do consider social influence and earned media too) gives the advertiser a better overall picture of the contribution of each marketing and advertising activity.
Other sources: see in the LinkedIn comments.
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