How Digital marketing and Programmatic have transformed the Retail industry

Digital marketing and programmatic have fundamentally transformed the retail industry, providing many opportunities to engage with consumers on a more personalized level.
Thanks to audience targeting, automation and the use of new attribution techs, retailers can better map each customer journey to determine the optimal role for both in-store and e-commerce environments.
We can see another level of complexity when it comes to brick-and-mortar (B&M) retail with online presence (pretty much all retailers nowadays) due to access to offline data.
Today, B&M retailers may now collect more data on each consumer as they can access customer data (transactional, etc.) from the offline world.
Programmatic is equipped with optimization algorithms that process campaign data in real time (the higher its accuracy, the more sophisticated the media buying could be), providing a distinct advantage in cross-channel campaigns.
That’s why retail marketers started to invest in this algorithm-based tech, integrating AdTech within their MarTech infrastructure with tremendous results – the next level is using CRM data (both online and offline) to adjust bidding in real time.
Most of them are also looking to take programmatic in-house to reign in further control of their ad campaigns.
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