How bidders interact with the Ad Exchange

Advertising technologies allow real time auctions, automation and optimization 24/7. Tons of data are processed every day.
The multiple touch points where a user can access the content are relevant for advertisers as well as the technology needed to collect user data to make the media trading possible.
To reach the designated audience, data management is present in all the AdTech: to be specific, data is integrated to ad servers, SSPs & DSPs.
All these platforms normally communicate via API (application programming interface) integrations.
Within this communication process, data is also exchanged.
Bidders that interact with an Ad Exchange according to the RTB Protocol can:
– Evaluate any parameter of an impression available for auction prior to purchase.
– Overlay their own targeting elements and data, including interest-based advertising or retargeting
– Use data that has been collected and stored in their own cookie space on the Ad Exchange
This provides RTB applications with the information they need to determine both the optimal creative to deliver and bid amount.
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