How AdTech is evolving and shifting to embrace more advanced solutions.

While the digital landscape continues to fragment, AdTech are evolving and shifting to embrace more advanced solutions.
Today, advertisers are looking for more ways to reach customers with one-to-one messaging that drives a lasting impact and tech are focused to provide more addressable solutions as the demand for ease and efficiency grows.
From the buy side, the DSP market is highly driven mainly by:
– Increasing digital marketplace (digital display, advanced TV, digital out-of-home)
– The demand for augmenting and organizing data exchange accounts through a single common interface.
– Programmatic growth – now is the primary method of buying digital media in the U.S, according to eMarketer.
According to the latest Advertiser Perceptions’ report, Amazon is still the DSP of choice among marketers while Google loses ground. The Trade Desk was at the 2nd place, followed by Google, MediaMath, Adobe and AppNexus.
Furthermore, Amazon leads as a managed service DSP, while The Trade Desk leads the self-service DSP.
The report also credits Amazon with rapidly developing its capabilities in the areas that matter most:
– Delivering the audiences advertisers want.
– User experience in setting up analytics and campaign dynamics.
– Post-campaign reporting and a support team.
Other sources: see in the LinkedIn comments.
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