Everybody should talk about Brand Safety

Today, the digital ad ecosystem has become much more complex and with this complexity, context and Brand Safety issues have become more nuanced and challenging.
Brand Safety is a series of practices, strategies and tools that ensure that an ad will not appear in a context that can damage an advertiser’s brand.
Historically, brand safety and targeting have been addressed at a domain, site or URL level with context classification and ad alerting or blocking based on avoidance or target categories.
Few ad players and platforms may have advanced techniques to identify and categorize content for purposes of context and brand safety, however the independent approach of 3rd-party verification vendors remains very important.
For years, AdTech companies claimed that brand safety has been one of their highest priorities but during this period of lock-down, they failed big time as they become carriers of coronavirus disinformation.
According to BRANDED newsletter, pandemic disinformation is a brand safety disaster waiting to happen.
Marketers must not forget brand safety and have to be careful when run programmatic campaigns during these times, as the tone and topic to which their campaign is located on not only affects the brand but also any consumer opportunities.
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