DSP strategy: programmatic campaign optimization

Automation is intended to make delivery of the right ad to the right audience. To do so, on the one hand, requires DSP technology which is able to process data and information in real time and on the other hand they need experts who knows how to manage these workflows.
In order for marketers to achieve consistent improvements in their programmatic media buys, they must take control over how their ad campaigns are deployed, managed and optimized on DSPs.
When the campaign is up and running, buyers need to keep an eye on how the campaign is performing and optimize for maximum success against specific KPIs – defined during the setup phase.
Campaign optimization should always be done with strong data (analytics, …) support as there’s a big difference between a campaign generating just impressions and a campaign generating powerful results.
So, once buyers decided what want to achieve, and once the campaign is live, they needs to deploy the right data-driven practices that enable them (for eg.) to buy desirable ad impressions and filter out undesirable ones.
It is also important to don’t optimize too much, though. Better to don’t spend too much time on the finer details, and also buyers should be willing to fail fast and learn from every failure they encountered.
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