Cross-Channel Marketing vs Silos Mentality

Making a positive impression on consumers whether they are online or offline requires meeting them where they’re at, giving the attention and content they need, when they need it and how they want it.
That’s where cross-channel marketing (CCM) comes in. It employs multiple communication channels (all connected) to start a conversation with customers and prospects, thus providing a company with multiple avenues of conversion.
But, implementing a CCM strategy can be quite challenging: first, marketers need to know how to track and monitor customers and prospects actions, using the right the set of tracking tools (not easy to choose).
Then, marketers will start to gather important customer data and they must know how to using it to test or inform marketing campaigns, in order to create the experiences that consumers are expecting.
However, too many marketers still rely on guesswork when it comes to tracking and they need to understand that it’s no longer enough to look at all the channels independently.
Today, the biggest roadblock to success is the “silo mentality” between company departments (they should work together) and delivery and tracking systems.
Silos prevent any marketing organization from providing a true cross-channel marketing experience to customers.
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