Cookie sync does not solve Customer Identity

The consumer identity challenges are a known pain point within the ad industry, because is still heavily relying on antiquated cookie syncing tech.

Identity isn’t simply “matching” identifiers such as mobile IDs, emails or location IDs. True identity resolution need a robust cross-device component and that’s why any solutions focused on cookie syncing will come up lacking.

Today, advertisers often start with cookie data and bridge that to mobile IDs using cross-device vendors (they take a desktop cookie and connect it to a mobile user, using a probabilistic method), but the new audience created is not a 1-to-1 match to a device ID, but mainly lookalike audience.

A more solid approach is to start directly with mobile IDs or tie cookies to more persistent anonymous identifiers, such as device IDs, and connecting those matched cookies to a mobile ID.

FYI: cookie syncing aims to map different pools of cookies to one another between #AdTech platforms, such as DSP and SSP.

However, it takes only place within one browser on a single device, meaning that it only accounts for a fraction of the customer journey.

Identity requires a more holistic cross-browser, cross-device approach, to bringing together a unified view of a consumer and keeping that view as info evolves over time.

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