Find your dream job in programmatic advertising

Applicants who can approach the role with flexibility and an open mind are the ones who’ll really succeed.

Programmatic advertising is a fast-growing market and the Ad Tech industry – which is the short name for the advertising technology industry – is hungry for top talent. Job opportunities for programmatic advertising around the World are plentiful and only expected to grow.
Here at Adhoc Academy we want to help you to find your dream job in this industry.
We launched this new webpage to post the latest’s and more interesting job offers within the digital and programmatic industry, with the goal of orientate people to find the best job offer and aiming to help filling the talent shortage that we have.


Every Tuesday, Adhoc Academy will post on the LinkedIn account, the most attractive & current job opportunities related to Programmatic & Media.


Online certifications offer a unique path to help you find success.

Stand out in the industry and stay relevant

The Adhoc Academy certification courses provide you with the digital skillsets you need to stand out in the industry today. Certificates of completion and digital badges for specific tasks are becoming more prevalent. You may have seen these displayed on websites, LinkedIn profiles, blogs, or digital portfolios. Among alternative credentials, online certificates currently command the highest value and are nearly comparable to a traditional degree.

Get certified and Boost your career

During the courses, you will get to know the basic logics and concepts of programmatic. The Adhoc Academy’s courses, can help individuals to strengthen the core concepts of Digital marketing as well. Thanks to the Adhoc Academy certification courses, you will boost your career and become the most demanded talent in digital media.

Uphold Company Standards

The way of investing in advertising has completely changed. Technologies in advertising are becoming more relevant and workers’ skill sets must keep pace with employers’ expectations. Employees are constantly being assessed on their knowledge and skills. Advance and refine your skill set with Adhoc Academy and showcase your programmatic prowess!

Improve your visibility in the industry

Adhoc Academy provides a variety of certified courses delivered through a flexible elearning system that allow individuals to become certified experts in the digital media industry. The certification will help to expand your professional development and simply adding the certificate in your LinkedIn profile, you will improve not only your visibility, but will be easier for recruiters and business owners to find your professional profile and contact you.

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