Building a more transparent relationship between publishers and advertisers

The relationship between advertisers and publishers goes way back, but since programmatic has been introduced in the industry, have had a profound impact on the way both players operate.

Over the past decade, ad targeting has been driven by audience-based methods and tactics that relied on cookies and 3rd-party audience data.

Now that the media industry is changing and shaping a more privacy-focused landscape with more 3rd-party tracking restrictions, many of these tactics will become obsolete.

In this situation, advertisers relationship with publishers will become key: more than ever, advertisers are losing 3rd-party data through the browsers they relied on so much, while publishers have not lost sight of the value that 1st-party cookies bring.

In order to maintain their ad monetization opportunities, publishers must deepen their knowledge of readers, putting an increased emphasis on robust 1st-party data collection strategies (such as freemium model and paywall), which means data clean rooms or building out their own data platforms.

These actions will lead (hopefully) to a closer and more transparent relationship with advertisers but first, publishers need to organize their identify graphs and build consistent taxonomies in order to put their insights to use.

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