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Back to programmatic basis: everyones may already know these terms, but it is always good to go over it once again.
When we’re talking about the web browsing environment, let’s assume you’re visiting a news website.
– A page view, is the number of times that a user loads every single webpage.
– An impression is every single loading of an ad in the page.
If you see 2 ad slots in the page where you’re reading the article, you have 2 impressions for a single page view.
To note: funny is thinking that just few years ago, the rate between these two indicators was 2.6 impressions per page view.
– A set of impressions is called “media/ad inventory“, which is purchased by advertisers. Impressions are not equal in quality.
Impressions are of different quality based on the positioning of ad slots on the page where they are located in the site structure (for eg. an impression of an ad slot placed on the second scroll of the page is less valuable than one without the scroll).
Quality also applies to the size and format of the ad slots. An impression may be a simple banner, but also an high impact format, etc.
Another factor to consider is ad frequency, which is the number of times the same user is exposed to the same ad.
Other sources: see in the LinkedIn post.

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