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More and more people are interested in learning about programmatic advertising. A field of online marketing that is growing rapidly.

An affiliate program is a commercial agreement by which a reseller (affiliate) refers customers to a company (merchant) in exchange for a commission. All commercial and administrative work is done by the merchant.

It is a form of performance-based marketing. Some affiliate programs pay commissions per click (visits from the affiliate’s website to that of the merchant), others per lead (requests for information from potential customers) and most – like us – per confirmed sale.

With a simple registration process and the publication of links and banners on your website or social networks, you can benefit from this growth and earn commissions by offering a resource of interest to your users.

How it works

Like most affiliate programs, ours uses cookie-based technology to identify visitors you send to our site from any online channel. Each affiliate has a unique tracking ID code so that when visitors click on a link from your website, our system puts a cookie in their computer with your affiliate code.
These cookies contain information about the origin of these users and some data from their devices and are stored for 360 days (unless they are manually deleted).
adhoc aff scheme
With this, even if they do not book a course at the time of their first visit, we will know that you have referred them when they return to our site in the next 360 days. If they book a course, your commission will be automatically recorded. The course purchase process is also fully automated.
Unlike other affiliate programs, we use Direct Link Tracking technology to identify visitors from your website.
Most tracking platforms require a parameter in the link like ?ref= YourAffiliateCode to make the system work. On our platform, you just have to publish normal links to the Adhoc site on yours, without any parameter, and we can still identify your referrals – it’s that easy!
In order to promote the program in other media (social networks, email, advertising on other sites) the parameter ?ref=YourAffiliateCode is required.


Your commission rate will depend on the number of courses you sell. The current payout levels are:

Rank Number of sales Commission
Starter 1 to 4 10%
Premium 5 to 9 20%
Legend 10 + 25%

Affiliate control panel

Everything you need to participate in our affiliate program in one place.
Here you will be able to see real time statistics of visits, sales, commissions, update your personal and payment data, as well as gather promotional materials for your site and social networks.
Affiliate control panel

Signing up for our affiliate program is free and only takes 5 minutes.

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