Ad Targeting: how to reach out to the target audience in online campaigns

If you reach out to the target audience in online campaigns you are really close to success. Target audience refers to the specific group of consumers most likely to want your product, and therefore, the group of people who should see your campaigns.
Ad Targeting is the technique of carefully selecting who will see each ad you create based on the user’s past behaviors and preferences. It is meant to deliver ads automatically by using specialized softwares that place ads based on user’s data.
The most common method is “behavioral targeting” because it works by tracking the content being consumed by the user (anonymously). It analyzes the user’s potential demands to predict the behavioral pattern in order to serve the most appropriate ads to that user.
Alternative targeting methods include:
Contextual: the practice of displaying ads based on a website’s content. Native advertising is a form of contextual adv.
Search Engine: advertisers buys keywords on search-engine. When user searches these keywords, search-engine can show the ad at the top of the results.
And many more.
Thanks to ad targeting, ads should be more meaningful for users; furthermore, it allows marketers to eliminate ad budget dispersion, serving appropriate ads to users.
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