Ad monetization: how publishers can monetize ad block users?

Even if ad blockers don’t catch quite as many headlines these days, remains the fact that roughly a quarter of all internet users are still blocking ads – which means, they still are a big problem for publishers.
Pubs knows that ad monetization relies on ads being shown and tracked. For this to happen, not only does the ad need to appear, but the tracking impression pixel needs to fire. Ad blockers prevent both from loading – meaning no ad $ for that user’s session.
Today, if pubs want to monetize the ad blocker users, there are few ways. One path is to pay to have ads whitelisted by ad blockers (aka, not blocked) – for instance Adblock Plus is reportedly paid by Google to display their ads.
This could be done joining the Acceptable Ads program (AA), a non-profit founded by Eyeo, the creator of AdBlock Plus and meet their standard.
For companies with more than 10 M affected monthly imps, AA charges a 30% cut of all incremental revenue gained from being whitelisted. Of course, large pubs view it as a form of extortion.
Another way is to find a new monetization route, such as a membership/subscription, or the pub can view lost revenue due to ad blockers as a cost of doing business.
However, probably the best way to face this issue is simply putting people first.
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