Ad monetization for publishers 101: ad call priority

When it comes to ad monetization, publishers have to reason by priorities. The higher priority the ad calls, the higher price publishers make the buyers pay.
Ad call priority is the most important concept when it comes to ad serving. Priority defines the order in which the ad server make ad calls.
When the user loads the page, the ad server loads the ads. In doing so, the ad server calls the available ad campaigns for the placements on the page the user is requesting in progressive order.
Ad campaigns are usually inserted in a hierarchical order in keeping with determined criteria. Think of the process as climbing down to a ladder, where each step down represents a lower priority.
Bear in mind that the ad server does not always drive the reasoning by price, but also by other contingencies (such as impression delivery, pacing or guaranteed budget).
From an operational point of view, the ad tags will be loaded into determined ad call priority sections.
Usually ad campaigns are categorized into so-called tiers.
In the early days of programmatic, the tiers were firmly separated into the Premium tier, which included all the direct reservation campaigns and the programmatic tier.
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