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About Adhoc Academy

Adhoc Academy is an neutral (does not promote any specific technology or partner) and industry validated e-commerce company designed to become the market leader in web based sales of certified courses about Advertising Technology.
Adhoc Academy provides a variety of certified courses delivered through a flexible elearning system that allow individuals to become experts in the digital media industry.

Who we are

The only certified Ad Tech academy for everyone, everywhere

We are one of the best AdTech certification training providers.
We provide online training covering topics such as Programmatic, Strategy, Advertising Technology platforms and Data among others, where technologies and best practices are changing rapidly and demand for qualified candidates significantly exceeds supply.
Our training courses are designed and updated by 60+ renowned industry experts. Our vibrant community of experts and certified professionals is a powerful resource pool of tips, tricks, and insightful advice.


Adhoc Academy’s mission is to provide the best quality and most accessible courses using the internet to lower the consumer’s cost in terms of time and price. 
We exist to attract and develop customers’ skills in order to help them in their career strategy. 
Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers because we provide the best and only validated training in the ad tech industry.

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